Ulat na Hindi Gumagana ang mga Link

Kung mapapansin mo o makatagpo ka ng mga link na hindi gumagana, mangyaring mag-ulat sa amin.

Maglagay ng isang URL bawat linya sa lugar ng teksto sa ibaba


Sonam Tobgay


Your journey is never right or wrong, good or bad but it’s just different. We are on our own journey with very own unique adventures in life. Make choices for yourself and for nobody else because you will be never enough for them. Perfection is what I perceive as an illusion and authenticity is what I strive for. Life is a journey with never ending learning. Priorities change, so the circumstances and people but you find yourself. And you might actually like that. So, take pleasure in small things, be grateful and be who you are. It is never too late to become who you might have been.

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